Cup Cake Gallery

Please note that the images below are not intended to be a catalogue, but a gallery showcasing a selection of our previous work. Whilst we are happy to recreate any of these designs for you, we will be equally happy to design a unique cake especially for you.

Cadbury's Creme Egg Cupcakes So how did that Creme Egg get in there? Finding Nemo Cupcakes Unfortunate Witch Cupcake Halloween Cupcakes Toy Story Alien Cupcakes Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes Rich Golden Cupcakes Jubilee Celebration Cupcakes Christmas Cupcakes Cupcakes with stars Ballerina Cupcakes Girly Cupcakes Lilac Orchids Cupcakes Orchids Cupcakes Love Hearts Cupcakes! Union Flag Cupcakes! Ladies' Shoes Cupcakes! Bumblebee Cupcakes! Bumblebee Cupcake Close-up Anniversary Cupcakes Butterfly Cupcakes! Doggie Cupcakes! Purple Flowers Cupcakes Farm Animals Cupcakes Pet Cupcakes Zoo Animal Cupcakes Flowers Cupcakes Numbers Cupcakes Beach Scene Cupcakes