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Gluten Free Cakes

Forget about all the bland, dry, unpalatable gluten free cakes you have tried in the past.

Forget having to have your own, separate, gluten free cake.

For one special day, forget about having to feel different to everyone else & enjoy the superior gluten free cake that everyone else is eating.

Treat yourself, or someone you love, to a gluten free birthday or celebration cake from us. Our gluten free cakes are moist and delicious, and are suitable for serving to anyone including non coeliacs. Your guests won't know they are eating a gluten free cake unless you choose to tell them! Of course, you could just tell them that it is gluten free and probably horrible and that they won't like it... ...so that there is more for you!.

We would be happy to make a wheat free, gluten free version of any of the cakes you see on this website or we would be equally happy to design something especially for you.

If you are not in our local area and require a gluten free cake we can send cakes by reliable overnight courier. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Or order a delicious gluten-free cake online now!

Gluten free cakes are always made to order on an individual basis, so if you or one of your guests have the coeliac condition, why not order a gluten free celebration cake that all your guests can enjoy.

Now that we have your attention...fancy a gluten free cake for tea? Place your order for a teatime treat!

Bespoke Bakery is registered with The Food Standards Agency for Gluten Free food production.