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A Far From Ordinary Wedding Cake

Oct 22 in General

I should probably explain that I don’t really enjoy zombie films. My daughter loves them as does my husband, but for me …. well, if I am honest, they leave me cold. So when I had a request for a zombie themed wedding cake I wasn’t exactly bursting with enthusiasm. However, I arranged a meeting with the bride and groom because they seemed to have their hearts set on it and they were not having much luck finding someone to help make it a reality.

At the meeting, the first thing the bride said was that she hadn’t told her mother about their cake idea! “Hmmmn” I thought, I would like to be a fly on the wall when they have that conversation!
From a cake designing point of view I needed to understand why it was so important to have zombies on their wedding cake so I asked the question and that was when I was told the most amazing success story!

The groom had recently been an actor in a full length feature film about zombies! Two of his friends that worked in IT had been made redundant and they decided to spend their redundancy pay on making a film. It seems that they got a lot of their friends to act in it, presumably because film making is a really expensive business! The whole thing was made on a shoestring, at least in film making terms, and a lot of the filming was done at a local college. The film had recently been through the editing stage, the final cut was made and the bride had been to see it. She admitted she was secretly expecting it to be a bit naff, but she was absolutely blown away by it and could not believe what a professional job had been done! The two film makers then took their film to the Cannes film festival and sold it all around the world! At the time I was speaking to them it was being dubbed into Japanese!

Suddenly my lack of enthusiasm for the subject of zombies on a wedding cake turned into enthusiasm because now I understood the context. So we talked about the design of the cake and they explained that they wanted a standard, absolutely plain white wedding cake with four tiers, so that it had a bit of height, and allowed plenty of room for zombies to be climbing up the sides of the cake. We decided that one zombie would be climbing out from underneath the icing on the base tier and all the zombies would be trying to get to the bride and groom on the top. The bride and groom would be armed with a chainsaw and a shotgun! One of the zombies was to look like the groom, so he sent me some images of himself in full costume and makeup in the film.DSC04375
The inside of the cake was to be a red velvet cake, perfect to further the dramatic effect when the cake was cut, oh and it needed to be gluten free too, because the bride was coeliac.

My husband couldn’t keep himself away when we were making all the zombie models and he was really useful, having watched a lot more zombie films than I ever have! We had a lot of fun making the zombies and ended up adding a couple extra, more than had been agreed, just because    we felt it needed them.
We were asked to deliver the cake at four o’clock on the day of the wedding. That was a bit later than we would normally expect to deliver a wedding cake, but the reason was that this was to be a complete surprise for the guests (and presumably the bride’s mother!) and they wanted the cake put in position whilst all the guests were in the marriage room so no one saw it until they came out after the ceremony.Zombie wedding cake

The staff at the venue told us that the groom had brought chainsaws with him for the evening the mind boggles!
Anyway, we delivered the cake and held our breath. Would they like it? Would the cake live up to their expectations? I heard nothing for a week (presumably they were on honeymoon) but then, a really nice email arrived along with a photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake … with a chainsaw and an axe of course! The email said “You went truly above and beyond our expectations and created, in delicious sponge and icing, exactly what we had in our heads!” and “You created a spectacle that no one was expecting and we absolutely loved it! ”

So now all that remains is for us to see the film at some point. It is called Zombie Resurrection, should you fancy a look.


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