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Alternative Wedding Cake

Some friends of ours recently got married and decided to have what you might term an “alternative” wedding. They both love nature and walking in the woods so they decided to have what they termed a “flash mob” wedding in the woods! The idea was that they would go to the registry office early in

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Peanut Allergy

I was interested to read on the BBC news website this week that scientists have confirmed a link between children developing peanut allergy and avoidance of peanut snacks in infanthood. It would appear that we have all become so worried about our children developing a peanut allergy that we have been avoiding them in our

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The reality of running a celebration cake business

Customers often comment on how lucky I am, to be able to spend all day doing what I love, being creative. They tell me, with a wistful look in their eye, how they would love to be able to do the same. I am very lucky to be able to spend my time “playing” with

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Do we need a sugar tax?

Do we need a sugar tax? I don’t think so but then as a baker and cake decorator I use an awful lot of sugar every day! I think what is needed is education, a bit of self discipline and for us all to start taking responsibility for our own health! With Action on Sugar

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A Far From Ordinary Wedding Cake

I should probably explain that I don’t really enjoy zombie films. My daughter loves them as does my husband, but for me …. well, if I am honest, they leave me cold. So when I had a request for a zombie themed wedding cake I wasn’t exactly bursting with enthusiasm. However, I arranged a meeting

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