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Size and measurements

Celebration cake portion guide

Celebration cakes can be made for any occasion and in all shapes and sizes. The number of slices obtained from a cake obviously depends on the size of the slice cut, but also on the shape of the cake. A square cake is the most economical to cut. It is normal to cut a bigger slice from a sponge cake than from a fruit cake and therefore a fruit cake will normally yield a larger number of slices. The following cake portion guide is for guidance only…….

Rich Fruit Cake Light Fruit Cake Sponge Cake
8″ 40 Slices 30 Slices 20 Slices
10″ 68 Slices 50 Slices 34 Slices


Wedding cake portion guide

The number of portions obtained from a wedding cake depends to a certain extent on the person cutting up the cake. It is normal to serve a larger slice from a sponge cake than from a rich fruit cake. The following portion guide is based on a rich fruit cake. Please be aware that a sponge cake will feed far fewer guests!

Round Square
2 tier standard (7” & 10”) 98 125
3 tier small (5”,7”,9”) 98 125
3 tier medium (6”,8”,10”) 130 170
3 tier large (8”,10”,12”) 205 275
4 tier (6”,8”,10”,12”) 230 300

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